Our True Leader Cread
Our True Leader Cread

Our True Leader Creed & Code of Conduct

If you influence others you are a leader,
no matter what your title.

This is what we pledge as leaders and
what we expect from ANY leader.

It’s time to take a stand for what we believe, to model leadership that unites, not divides, and to assure our children that hatred and divisiveness are not true leader qualities.

Please join us as a true leader and add your name with ours. Our hope is you will pass this along, and that a wave of people will rise up behind true leadership.

As leaders, we commit to be:

Honest: Known and respected for integrity and character

Curious: Open to listening and seeing the world through others’ perspectives

Knowledgeable: Seek to learn from a diverse field of experts from various disciplines and put that knowledge into action

Courageous: Take on what is important, moral and ethical even if it’s not popular.

Self-aware: Reflect on our own mistakes and evolve our thinking, views, values and beliefs.

Considerate: Refuse to make derogatory comments about the appearance, race, gender, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, or nationality of a person or people we disagree with.

Assertive: Able to confront others and disagree without being disagreeable while holding each other accountable for resolution.

Forward-thinking: Look optimistically toward the bigger picture and the higher good for all.

Collaborative: Make diverse teams work by seeking input and commitment to common goals.

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Our True Leader Creed