How Will This be Used

We know our country is full of true leaders who come from all walks of life and who work in broad industries across the public and private sectors.


We hope that by taking a public stand we can improve the quality of business, civic and political discussion. We want to set a new cultural norm of respectful and caring disagreement.


We’d love to see people from across the spectrum sign onto this code of conduct. We encourage you to share this with your network and invite more people to join us by signing the True Leader Creed

Ultimately we hope that this creed will help uplift the stories of men and women who practice true leadership and showcase this type of leadership in action. 


But we must start. We can’t wait to create a world that works for all. 


The time is now. 

You can print and post in your place of work, your community bulletin board, your home, your place of worship, your golf club—wherever.

PS: Please share your ides with us about how the Creed and Code of Conduct can make a bigger impact.

  • Please send the to everyone you know and urge their signature.

  • Print this out and post it where many can see: cafeteria, break room, city hall, your office, community center, school, wherever!! 

  • Take a picture of the creed and tell us where it is. Send it to We can create a page of pictures. On behalf of people everywhere, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.