Who Has Signed?

Jeff Johnson 
Brig Gen (Ret),USAF


Carlos Cantu
Commander, Harlingen Police Department 


Norm Stamper, Ret. 
Seattle Chief of Police


Catherine Palin-Brinkworth 
CEO, Progress Performance International


Emily Wertz

Community Outreach and Education Coordinator 
One Eighty


Steve Epner

Professor, St.Louis University, Graduate School of Business


Herbert Burry
Lions Club International


Kare Anderson
CEO, Say it Better


Richard Santangelo 
President & CEO Apollo Engineering Solutions


Dr. Lyman K. "Manny" Steil
CEO, International Listening Leadership Institute


Doug Smith
President, Doug Smith Training 


Gary Greenfield
Owner, Performance Alliance, LC  


Jeannie Coyle 


John Browning
Owner, Inclusive Assistance Corp


John E. Smith
Creative Director, The Strategic Learning Group


Cathy Salser
Executive Director, A Window Between Worlds


Andrea Thorne
Promotion Manager, GlaxoSmith Klein 


Tracie Harris Rice, Marketing 
ViiV Healthcare


Sister Susan Brigit Brooks
Adult Formation Director, St. David's Episcopal Church


Colleen Philley
Assistant program Director, Aging and Adult Services


Michael Vasquez
Representative, Primerica 


Annie Campbell Washington 
Vice Mayor & Oakland City Council member, District 4, City of Oakland 


Jack Matteson


Amy Lee
HR Manager Asica Pacific, Interpublic Group  


Carol Cherin 
Voice Teacher


Roz Sago, CEO 
Sago Consulting Group


Terri Refshaw 
Director of Commercial Closings, The Title Group. Inc


Duncan Autre 
Mediation Program Manager, SEEDS Community Resolution Center


Joyce Gioia, CEO 
The Herman Group


Janelle Barlow 
Insight Associates


Marilyn Manning Lonergan, PhD 
The Consulting Team


Heather Alkon 
Ultrasound Applications Specialist, GE


Eunice Dunlap 
The Reverend, All Saints & St. George's Episcopal Church


Paul Marrin 


Elizabeth Kaeton 
the Rev'd Dr., Episcopal Church


Dorthy "Grama " McCormick 


Maureen Fulford 
Teacher, RSU 21


Cheryl McCarthy 
SVP, Palamon International


Robert L'Esperance 
Society of St. John the Evangelist


Bob Dent 
Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer / Chief

Nursing Officer, Midland Memorial Hospital


Emily Axelrod 
Secretary, Axelrod Group


Lyn Brakeman 
Reverend, The Episcopal Diocese of Masachusetts


David Prentice 


Maureen Lavely 


Gayle Carson
President, Spunky Old Broad.Com


Bill Elvins, CMAA


Robert and Jane Handly 
Professional speakers, authors, consultants, Life Plus


Lorianne Speaks 
Principal, LVS Consulting Services


Dr.Willie Jolley
Willie Jolly Worldwide 


Annemarie Osborne

Vice President Marketing
International Tour Management Institute


Sondra Thiederman  
Principal, Cross-Cultural Communications


David Gouthro 
Prezzie, The Consulting Edge


Bill Jensen 
President, The Jensen Group


Mark Babbitt 
President, Switch & Shift


Mark Gerzon 
President, Mediators Foundation 


Francesca Bill
Elementary teacher  


Ron Simmerman 
Division Director, NAES Corp.


Mark LeBlanc  
President, LeBlanc, Inc.


John Blumberg 
President, Keynote Concepts, Inc.


Howard Putnam 
President, Howard Putnam Enterprises


Steven Piersanti 
President, Berrett-Koehler Publishers


Chris Sanville 
Plant Manager, Procoaters, Inc.


Bill Patterson 
Owner, Patterson Group


Helena Ribe 
Non-profit Director


David Gallagher, President
Omnicom PR Group


Helmut Erler  
MBA, BA phil., PRAGMA Management & Consulting


Arul Britto 


Robert Weiss 
M.D., Weiss Pediatric Care


Christopher Gruener 
Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Crossroads Counseling Services


Paul Matin

Steve Daniel 
IT/IS Liason, Procoaters


Deepti Bhasin 
HR Manager - People Champion, Sun Resorts


Jon Mertz 
Founder, Thin Difference


Jesse Stoner 
Founder, Seapoint Center


Justin Pickering 
Managing Director - Blaine & Gonzalez


Terry Pearce 
Founder and President, Author, "Leading Out Loud"., Leadership Communication


Stan Phelps 
Experience Architect, 9 INCH


Annie-Rose London 
Executive Director, Berrett-Koehler Foundation


George Morrisey, Author


Richard Simeone 
Episcopal Priest, Retired


Harry McDargh 
Dr., Boston College


Br. Jonathan Maury, S.S.J.E. 
director, Fellowship of Saint John, Society of Saint John the Evangelist


Marcia Reynolds 
Covisioning LLC


Donna De Poalo 


Michelle Reina 
Co-Founder, Reina, A Trust Building® Consultancy


Jes Williams 
Chief Operating Officer, Girl Scouts


Jane Ripley 
Chief Collaborator, Wired Leaders


DeeDee DeMan 
Chairman and CEO, Bench International


Denise Brosseau 
CEO, Thought Leadership Lab


Ted Coine 
CEO, OPENfor.business


Jacqueline Janssen 
CEO, Janssen Recruiting


Cindy Solomon 
CEO, CSA, Inc.


Karen Pallansch 
CEO, alexandria renew enterprises


Pegine Echevarria 
CEO Team Pegine Inc. Engaging & Educating Leaders in A Diverse World, Team Pegine Inc.


Devin Hughes 


Amanda Wilbur 
Business Systems Analyst


Jeevan Sivasubramaniam 



Susan Fowler 
Author/consultant/speaker, Self employed


LaRae Quy 

Author | Writer | Executive coach, Director and Founder

of the Mental Toughness Center


Alan Briskin 

Author, Alan Briskin Consulting


Julia Atkinson 
Senior Executive Coach, Atkinson Coaching


Maria Jesus Aguilo 
Director of Rights, Berrett-Koehler Publishers


Terry Mandel 
CEO, BioMedLink


Diane Blattner Kresal 
Vice President of Operations, Black Stone IP


Flip Brown 
Owner, Business Culture Consultants


Larry Drummond 
Certified Executive Job Coach, Challenger, Gray & Christmas


Stacey Hall 
Author & Speaker, Chi-To-Be!, LLC


David Greer 
Entrepreneurial Coach, Coach David J. Greer


Marie Hassett Smith 
Realtor (R), Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage


Allison Fink 
Executive Administrator, DuPont Community Credit Union


Kathy Caprino 
President, Ellia Communications, Inc.


Ira Chaleff 
President, Executive Coaching & Consulting Associates


Ben Drury 
The Culture Guy, Expect Brilliant


Chery Gegelman 
President, Giana Consulting


Laura Goodrich 
Global Workforce Innovator, GWT Next


Shavonnah Schreiber 
Director, Global Campaigns & Envents, IHS, Inc


Sharon Jordan-Evans 
President, Jordan Evans Group


David Saxby
Measure X 


Leigh Marz, Owner 


Bob Adkinson,Speaker Writer 
The RMA Group


Mary Adkinson 
The RMA Group


Ann Fry


Juan Miro 


Alisa McGowan


Stephanie Jack, Ph.D


Robin Kellogg
Concerned Citizen


Kathy Hill


Karen Rose


Shawn Iversen


Rita Patterson


Barry Greenfield


St eve Kennedy


Honor Simeone


Lorae Boisvert


John Soper


Joanne Brauninger


Dora Sherry


Polly Pitchford


Sara Macdonald


Sharon Hunt


Karen Rose


Sally Mathews


Robert Hubbell 


Joan Ashworth 


Regan Dunn


Anil Solanky


Paulo Omari


Christian Weale


Stacy Tetschner

Jane Haubrich

Judy Macdonald

Noel Reid 
CEO, The Human Performance Company


Randy Morgan 
CEO, Red Shoe Solutions


Johanna Vondeling 
VP, International Sales & Business Development, Berrett-Koehler Publishers


Rob Simmerman 
Division Director, NAES Corp


Ed Scannell 
Exec Director, Center for Professional Development and Training


Jim Kouzes 
Author, Kouzes & Associates


Jay Rombach 
AVP, Human Resources, Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.


Diane Blankenburg

CEO, Humane Network 


Bonnie St. John

President, Blue Circle Leadership Institute 


Liza Gashi 
Chair, UWC National Committee of Kosova


David Marshall

Vice President, Editorial and Digital, Berrett-Koehler Publishers


Susan Blount

Managing Partner, Blount Collective 


Roland Wahl

President,Wahl & Associates 


Julie Erickson

Principal, Mission Advancement Consulting LLC


Beth Simpson

Chair, Dignity Station 


Bill Jensen

CEO, The Jensen Group 


Rena Romano

Owner. Rena Romano & Associates


Lisa Baker-King

CEO, LBK Kreatives 


Ken Shelton

CEO, Executive Excellence, LLC


Mike Frank
President, Speakers Unlimited


Bob Moore
The Effectiveness Coach, Effectiveness Inc.


Joyce Schlose
Chief People Officer, Goodwill Industries of Denver


Bruce Rodgers
Executive Director, Hermitage Artist Retreat


George Walther
President, Speaking from Experience


Mary Jo West 


Vern M West


Gwen Fru 
The Reverend, Episcopal Church


Will Wiebe
Executive Coach, Thrive/ Exoteric


Lisa Wiebe

President, Integral Living Solutions


Susan Mills  
The Rev'd., Episcopal Church


Chris Edmonds 
The Purposeful Culture Group


Lee Robert, Leader
LeeLee Music


Joan Cashel  


Eleanor Flavin 
Spiritual Director


Susan Brooks 
Sister, St. David's Episcopal Church


Tim Dunn 
Senior Mental Health Researcher, American Institutes for Research


Ed Helvey 
Creator 20-Great Question Series, The Oakhill Group


Rosalind Sago 
Sago Consulting Group


Donald Smith 
Reverend, Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.)


Barbara Glanz, President

Barbara Glanz Communications


Karen Wojahn 
Retired clergy


Adele Meredith 


David Brennan 
Professor, University of Toronto


Dr. Terry Paulson 
Professional Speaker & Author of "The Optimism

Advantage", Paulson and Associates Inc.


Larry Ackerman 
Principal, Larry Ackerman Group


Edward Primeau 
Primeau Forensics Unlimited


Vanna Novak 
President/CEO, M. C. Communications Inc.


Wendy Axelrod 
President, Talent Savvy Manager, LLC


Joanne Van Hook 
President, Orange County Speakers Bureau


Linda Larsen 
President, Linda Larsen Communications, Inc.


Carol Sanger 
President, League for Animal Welfare


Kay Burke 
President, Kay Burke & Associates, Inc.


Emory Austin 
President, Emory Austin . . . and company


Julius Ordonez 
President, Benchmark Consulting


Leslie Charles 
Owner, President, TRAININGWORKS INC.


Lee O'Leary 
Office Manager, Waste Disposal Services


Chris Clark Epstein

CEO, Change 101


Patricia Ball, President 
Corporate Communications


Gert Penne 
Non-Positional Leader, Self-Employed


John Scalzi 
Meteorologist, WWSB-TV


Renee Strom 
Lecture Agent


John Elia 


Edith Patterson 
Concerned Citizen


Laura Manning

Kathy Manweiler, Founder 
Don't Say Diet


Bonnie Davis 
Magic Wand Author Services


Lee Stone 
Lt.Col, USAF, (Ret)


Dr. Eunice Parisi-Carew 
Ken Blanchard Companies


Catherine Heming 
Human Being, The World


Joan Goldsmith 
Founder, Women Leaders: creating ourselves at the crossroads


Kathy Dempsey 
Founder, The Shedding Revolution


Michelle Pizer 
Founder, Michelle Pizer


Beverly Kaye 
Founder, Career Systems International


Achim Nowak 
Founder & President, Influens


Linda Stout 

Executive Director, Spirit in Action


Dave Reed 


Carol Cole Flanagan 
Episcopal priest


John Graham 
Director, Giraffe Heroes International


Mary Martha Thiel 
Director of Clinical Pastoral Education, Hebrew SeniorLife


Sheryl Campbell 
Consultant, University of Alberta


Rosann Jentes 
Computer Company


Tuquynh Tran 
Berrett Koehler Foundation


Barbara Bleiler 
Solution Deployment Leader, WPS Health Solutions


Dennis Reina 
Co-Founder, Reina, A Trust Building® Consultancy


Bill Treasurer 
Chief Encouragement Officer, Giant Leap Consulting


Michealene Risley 
Chief bottle washer and change agent, Fresh Water Spigot


Noah Blumenthal 
Author and Entreprenuer


Eileen McDargh 
CEO, The Resiliency Group


Shawn Murphy 
CEO, Switch+Shift


Alfonso Diaz 
CEO, Kindred Hospital Division


Debbie McGrath 
CEO, HR.com


Lorna Riley 
CEO, Chart Learning Solutions


Lynn Rose 
CEO The Power To WOW, The Power To WOW and Launch You Now


Joe Tye 
CEO and Head Coach, Values Coach Inc.


Jaime Sanchez 
Carpenter, Fordham University


Rev. Chris Glaser 
Blogger, Progressive Christian Reflections, Metropolitan Community Church


Marjorie Sardella 

Beaux Regards


Lenora Billings Harris 

Diversity Strategist, Ubuntu Global


Daniel Diehl 
Asst. Director, Valencia College


Holly Blue Hawkins 
Rosh, Last Respects Consulting.com


Marcel Schwantes 
Founder and Principal, Leadership from the Core


Liz Kislik 
President, Liz Kislik Associates LLC


Pedro Rhode 
Mr, Nedbank


Isaac Ayela 
Lacking ideas, & knowledge, None


James Branch 
Director, Northwest Leadership Foundation


Sandy Williams 
President, Organizing for American Glorious Days, Inc. 


Tim Hyde 
Head Football Coach, Palisades Charter High School


Sharon Mulgrew 
Senior Partner, ParCenTra


Anna Torcoletti 
Digital Strategic Planner and Digital Trainer, Self-Employed


Lisanne Lewis 
General Manager, Shaw Conference Centre

Thomas "Teejay" Joel



Liz Stincelli 
Founder, Stincelli Advisors


Tamara Hufford-Wong 
Owner/President, Tamara J. Whole Communication


Annie Gardner 
Accountant, The Electric Power Board of Chattanooga


Catherine Robinson-Walker 
President, The Leadership Studio (R)


Janelle Barlow 
President, TMI US and TACK USA


Donald Carew 
Professor Emeritus, Univ. of Mass, Amherst


Doug Dickerson 


Hank and Lola Gillebaard 
Lola and Company


Naomi Rhode


Carol Otis


Judy Wu


Pamela Barnett


John and Barbara Hall


Mariah Cohen


Wendy Kay Foldes


Robin Roach


Susan Gage


Kathy Mendel


Sue Fisher Seeger


Randall Larsen, Col.USAF Retired


Becky Robinson


Honor Simeone


Karyn Buxman


Barbara Hopkins


Karen Harris


Stacy Sillins


Joe Calloway


Joel Marks


Constance Jolcuvar


Michelle Costine


Lisa Huerta


Robert Care


Glenna Switlicki 
Employee Empowerment Specialist Faurecia


Katherine Armstrong


Conrad Garcia


Mike Henry, Sr


Vincent Banks


Suzi McAlpine


Tammy Cravit


Stewart Levine


Kim Derderian

Susan Mullins

Denise Weatherwax