Why Now?

First we just shook our heads.

Then we became deeply concerned.

Then we decided to take action.



Bullying people we don’t like, hating those we disagree with and name-calling those who are different is not who we are.

We created a positive statement about what we REALLY need in ALL of our leaders…TRUE leaders.


We seek leaders who exhibit our highest and best selves 

We seek leaders who are inclusive, unifying and elevate our consciousness.


We seek leaders who are role models for our nation, our organizations and families.


We are standing up-- speaking up -- 

and declaring that we the people want leaders of positive character 


We pledge ourselves to the same standard.


With an Eye Toward the Future 


Collectively, we must do everything we can to resist what gets in the way of credible solutions: division, polarization, and hate. 


We must treat each other with dignity and respect – and we must demand that all our leaders do the same. 


We want to set a new cultural norm of respectful and caring collaboration as well as disagreement.


We hope that by taking a public stand we can improve the quality of business, civic and political discussion.


We invite you to join us in signing this creed and code of conduct so that we can build the nation we want and a world that works for all.